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Puzzle #6: Out on a Limb

This puzzle has a word swapping theme, but rather than give the new phrases wacky clues, I kept the original meanings and explained the theme in each relevant clue. The two swaps are also limb-related, as HAND switches with FOOT while KNEES switches with ELBOWS.

The lengths of the theme answers were very awkward (12’s and 13’s in a 15×15 grid are tricky), and I had a hard time keeping the vocab of the fill as accessible as I’d like. The RAHRAH, ARES, GAIT section is probably the toughest, so I tried to make those clues as solvable as I could.

Astute solvers may have noticed the entries LIES, SCAM, and CHEAT, which have been on my mind lately, for some reason.

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