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Puzzle #12: MLK Day

I wanted to do something to commemorate MLK, and it seemed like it would be disrespectful to do a wordplay theme, so this is a straightforward tribute puzzle with a list of phrases and places from MLK’s life. I was pleasantly surprised to find that BIRMINGHAM, MONTGOMERY, and WASHINGTON are all 10 letters long. I knew I wanted to use IHAVEADREAM, so I found CIVILRIGHTS to match and opted to leave WASHINGTON out of the grid since I knew I could get it into the clue for IHAVEADREAM.

Couple of tricky names in this one (ASIMOV and RAMI), but hopefully the crossings made them gettable. I had fun writing the clues for GIN and EARS; I think clues like those really help bring some personality to the puzzle, but I try to use them in moderation.

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  1. Beautiful, Patrick. Thanks. And I agree: clues like the ones for GIN and EARS help bring the puzzle alive.

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