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End of the Summer

(The LABs and DAYs are meant to be interchangeable, so your final answer may differ. LAY and DAB are not correct, however. For the e-solvers, I had to pick a “correct” solution, which is shown above.)

Patrick’s thoughts:
This one is an odd duck, in that it features a spot rebus in the central square. A “rebus” in xword lingo is when more than one letter goes into a square. I thought using LAB(OR)DAY as a revealer would be more helpful than using it as a title, which is where it started out. The theme square count is really light: 3×6=18 plus the 7-square central revealer = 25. Most puzzles this size have 40-60 squares of theme material, but 2/3 of mine are pulling double-duty, so maybe that makes up for it. 36+7=43

I had a hard time with the final Y/B change in the SW corner, but RANDY came along to save the day. HAZEL (23A) was my grandmother’s name, so I was glad to include it in her memory. Thanks for reading/solving!

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