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Puzzle #18: Alliterature

This theme came out of a private crossword lesson, which I used to illustrate how a theme comes together. First, I looked at a giant list of famous books, culling those with an alliterative property. Luckily, there were more to choose from beside John Updike’s “Rabbit” books. The next step was to pair them up by length, and I was happy to find a 15 which could go in the middle row, as well.

ROKU hasn’t been seen in crosswords much, but it’s a well-loved component in our house, so I was pleased to include it. The NW was the toughest area to fill cleanly, with PTSD/TERA being the trickiest crossing.

I had fun with the clues for ORA and UTERUS, and the “Little Mermaid” quote is a favorite of my buddy, Tony. He also does a fantastic Lumière impression. 😉

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