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Puzzle #23: EASY as ABC

This was my April Fool’s Day puzzle this year. We puzzlemakers are under quite a bit of pressure, self-induced as it may be, to come up with something special for April Fool’s Day. My dilemma was further exacerbated by needing a tricky puzzle that wouldn’t be nearly as tricky as it seemed. Fortunately, I’ve got xwordy friends to bounce things off of when I’m unsure whether something is fun or just silly. Hopefully, this was both, once you discovered what was going on: the theme clues (which all mean EASY) have been rewritten into the grid in alphabetical order. So NOT HARD becomes ADHNORT, for example.

I enjoyed getting my astrological sign in the grid, as well as an Alice reference with IMLATE. If you don’t know the tune “Long AGO and Far Away,” you are in for an easy listening treat.

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