My fully-funded Kickstarter campaign may be over, but it’s not too late to join in the fun!

Over 400 people helped get this series off the ground: it was a weekly, truly solvable, New York Times-style crossword puzzle, constructed by me and delivered to your inbox for an entire year. It’s a terrific set of puzzles that focus on fun, not frustration, and I’m so grateful for all the support I got to turn this dream into a reality.

In case you missed them, I wrote a handful of bonus puzzles during the course of the campaign. Here are links to all the PDFs:
1) “Easy as AABBCC” is the sample xword that lived on the project page the entire time.
2) “Classified Ad” is a bonus xword sent to backers on 10/7/16.
3) “Trivia Night” is a multiple-choice survey about various aspects of Participate and get a certificate saying so!
4) “Baby Talk” is a bonus xword sent to backers on 10/18/16.
5) “Boo!” is a riddle-locked bonus xword sent via Kickstarter Update.

I hope you give those a try to see what my work is like, and if you like them please consider joining the fun by buying the book when it comes out.