You found the new e-den of me, Patrick Blindauer! I’m a professional crossword puzzle maker with over 60 puzzles published in the New York Times. I’m also one of the 10 constructors featured in Will Shortz’s Favorite Puzzlemakers.

Ohhh, the pages you’ll find:

  • “Piece of Cake Crosswords” – my Kickstarter Project
  • My Emporium – full of featured finds and fragments
  • About Me – myself, I and a few others
  • Contact Me – by email, crystal ball or looking glass

Click around, explore the virtual nooks and crannies, and let me know if there’s anything I can do to make your brain happier while you’re here.

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"Piece of Cake Crosswords"

A Kickstarter Project

I’m launching a KickStarter campaign to create a weekly easy crossword, to be delivered directly into your inbox.


Ye Olde Shoppe

I have 6 Puzzlefests (interconnected xwords with a final answer) available now, with a 7th to be announced soon! You can even hire me to make you a Custom Crossword as a gift for a special occasion, or as a way to promote a corporate event. And, not to mention my books. Whoops! I just did.


  • Puzzlefests
  • Custom Puzzles
  • Books



I’ve had a lifelong love of puzzles, from the time my mom bought me “Mr. Light” and my dad shared his Games magazines, which he still has, . . .



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