Here in St. Louis, one of the most popular ways for groups to raise money is by holding a Trivia Night. It’s a great excuse to bring people together to see which team has the biggest accumulative repository of useless knowledge. Now imagine yourself as 1 of 8 around a table in a large gymnasium with lots of food and adult beverages, as you find yourself attending …


Answer the trivia questions below, which deal with various aspects of Take the letter before each correct answer, and put all 10 letters in the proper order for a final answer. The answer can be entered at the end of the quiz, at which point you'll receive a certificate and bragging rights. Feel free to share this page, but please don't post any spoilers.

8. What do the floating letters on the Home page spell?

4. Which show used Patrick’s crossword clock on the set?

1. According to the Kickstart Me page, which of these is an example of “crosswordese”?

10. Which of these is *not* one of Patrick’s Puzzlefests?

6. What is the title of the crossword on the Custom Puzzle page?

2. On the Books page, what’s the first cover pictured?

7. According to the About page, which is *not* one of Patrick’s Other Obsessions:

9. Which of these TV shows did Patrick appear on?

5. Which movie did Patrick have a line in?

3. What is Patrick’s username on Twitter?

Lastly, what is the 10-letter answer to this Trivia Night puzzle?

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