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Puzzle #5: Working for the Weak End

This puzzle has a letter change theme of the E-to-A variety. In an attempt to make it as elegant as possible, I further confined myself to 4-letter words with the form of _EA_. I also made sure to balance the front- and back-ness of the affected word in each theme answer, landing at 3 fronts (DEAR, HEAL, and FEAT) and 2 backs (MEAT and PEAL).
There was initially no theme answer in the center of the grid, but the theme square count was a little thin without it at 38. The normal range is 40 to 60. The grid is also a little more closed off than I prefer, but this helps to maintain a squeaky-clean fill. AORTA and UNLIT are probably my least favorite entries in the grid.

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  1. Hello Patrick, just wanted to let you know I have enjoyed solving all of your puzzles that I have received so far. My husband, (Keith Langpap) introduced me to your puzzles, have never done on line puzzles before, so this was not only a treat for me, but a test !!
    I look forward to Mondays, so I can challenge myself, and have fun at the same time. I do have some difficulties sometimes, but Keith comes to my rescue, or I google the answers. Anyways, thank you so much.

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