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Countdown AOK review: Good afternoon crossword lovers! How are you? More than anything, I hope that you’re actually enjoying spring-like weather wherever you are. It was so chilly here in New York to start the day that you can see ... Read More


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Puzzle #27: RESIST AOK's Review: Good day, everybody! If you’re reading this at or near the time of when I finished this write-up, I hope you’re having a real good night and have your feet kicked up on the living room ... Read More


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Puzzle #26: Vowel Play AOK's Review: Good morning fellow cruciverbalists! I hope you’re all doing well and that the weather where you are finally is feeling like spring. (If you’re in Arizona, where I was for a week earlier this month, ... Read More


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Puzzle #25: Get Over It AOK's Review: Good morning, crossword fans…and fellow tax payers! How are you to begin this week? Hope you all have your taxes squared away before tomorrow. If you haven’t, and were waiting on finishing Patrick’s puzzle ... Read More


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Puzzle #24: Empty Boxes AOK's Review: Good morning, crossword lovers! This is Adesina Koiki, crossword enthusiast and sports reporter better known as Ade or “AOK” in the crossword blogosphere. It’s a pleasure to be here to start blogging and reviewing Patrick’s ... Read More


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Puzzle #23: EASY as ABC This was my April Fool's Day puzzle this year. We puzzlemakers are under quite a bit of pressure, self-induced as it may be, to come up with something special for April Fool's Day. My dilemma was ... Read More